About Us

Quickstart was founded in 2012 in the backyard of Silicon Valley. Our founder has roots in the electronics manufacturing, testing, and refurbishing business having built out relationships in the United States and Asia. We are here to satisfy the growing demand for reliable phone replacement parts.

We started off working with electronics repair shops in the San Francisco Bay Area who began getting customer requests for iPhone LCD Screen replacements. These repair shops previously had difficulty sourcing reliable iPhone LCD Screens as existing suppliers provided defective parts as much as 40% of the time. We saw this as an area in need of major quality improvements.

Quickstart took this as an opportunity to be the go-to supplier for reliable phone replacement parts for these shops. While we cannot claim 100% defect-free parts, we have created a supply chain and testing process that averages single digits in defects. In addition, we include a generous hassle free exchange policy, so if you are a repair shop ordering from us, you know you will get parts that work! If you have any concerns you can always reach our live phone support.

Quickstart has also started a Broken Phone Screens Recycling Program. We offer top dollar for any broken phone screens you have.

We now provide Apple and Samsung replacement phone parts and are looking to supply repair shops all around the United States. Get Start to receive reliable parts!