Return & Exchange Policy

30 Days Exchange Policy
  • We want you to happy with the quality of parts we ship to you. QuickStart tests every part before we send out. In the unlikely instance that you receive a defective part:
  1. You have 30 days from date of receipt to notify us by email about the defective part, including a description of the defect, and provide a return tracking # from your shipping carrier.
  2. Send us the defective part. Upon receipt at our office, we will send you an even exchange guaranteed.

Examples of “defect descriptions”

  • LCD has a dead pixel in the lower right hand corner of screen
  • Touch Digitizer does not respond to touch on upper left corner of screen
  • Wrong items shipped (Let us know which item you ordered.)
 Conditions on Returns
  1. You have 30 days from date of receipt to return undamaged items.
  2. Provide a return tracking # from your carrier.
  3. There is a 25% restocking fee for returns.
Special Returns

Dead on Arrival

  • If you received items damaged during transit by the shipping carrier, you have 3 days to notify us by email. Please include in the email:
  1. Pictures of all sides of shipping box
  2. Pictures of damaged contents inside the shipping box
  • We will submit a damage claim with the shipping carrier and notify you of next steps.

Wrong Items Received

  • If you received incorrect items from those you ordered, please contact us by email. We will provide you with next steps.


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